Commitment to Hindutua

Bharat is a land on this earth where humanity has attained its highest towards gentleness, towards generosity, towards purity, towards calmness, above all the land of introspection and of spirituality. This is the ideology of Bharat. This ideology is known as “Hindutua”. It is our vision that every human in this land is to be committed to Hindutua.

Faith in Oneself

Vidyabharati is committed to an education system that should not lead students to believe that they are weak. Our envision is to create courage in them to standup and express the divinity with in them. It is a system that helps them to face the challenges of the present scenario by developing themselves in body, body, mind, intellect, spirit and soul.

Sense of Selfless Service

Miseries of the world cannot be cured without until human character is changed. The negative education that prevails now is creating more and more selfish humen. Vidyabharati system creates young people ready for selfless service. Such people may dedicate themselves in the bid to free the fellow citizens residing in villages, slums, forests and the remote corners, from the clutches of injustice, socially evil practices and superstitions thereby ulifting the country to be fecund culturally elevated and harmonious.

Upgrading and Uplifting the Excellence Within

Vidyabharati, as the largest educational organization in the country is duty bound well aware of its national responsibility. We need a youth force whose inner strength is upgraded and uplifted. Two fold ways are adopted in this regard. 1). Excellent academic input and output with the support of modern scientific and technological tools to present a globally competent array of youths. 2). Inculcalting the purest national character thereby instill dedicated sense of service for the progress and development of the Motherland Programmes of “Sanskriti Bhodh Pariyojana” is envisaged for this purpose.