History Of Education

Bharat, since long time was known as the land of seekers. Great Gurus meditated up on the ultimate truth and revealed many a secrets of the universe. These knowledges that has been accumulated in human mind were systematically recorded and codified. Later, the process of refinement and development led building of culture of educations. Excellent universities, lakhs of colleges and schools had glittered like a blossomed ‘beautiful tree’ throughout the country. Thus our education attained excellence and perfections. Bharat was named as land of wisdom and “Jagat Guru”. The world has made a pilgrimage to this land.

But after that the history of our education took a strange turn. Though Indian approach to life has a firm foundation, it has been for than 1,500 years neglected, abused and misused thanks to imperial conspiracy. Today, the educated people feel no more pride in their sacred land nor do they feel any comfort and satisfaction under the umbrella of their culture.

In this context we must again make this land as an epicenter of wisdom and a platform of pilgrimage. A paradigm shift in the present day education system is imperative in this regard.

Inception of Vidyabharati Akhil Bharatheeya Siksha Sanstan

Leaving something unsolved or unattended allows it grow till it demands our urgent time and attention. It was such a situation in 1952: some eminent social reformist scholars of high national credentials designed a Bharatheeya Model and started a “Sisuvatika” at Gharakpur, U.P. Approach of this is model integral and procedure, value based. This system would fulfill one’s aspirations for infinite knowledge, everlasting happiness and ultimate freedom. Surprisingly this experiment was widely accepted as if the country was impatiently waiting for such a model. Thousands of Vidyabharati schools were kicked off across the states even in its initial five to ten years of inception. Present statistics is given below…

Bharatheeya Vidyanikethan, Kerala

In 1977 a society was registered in the name of Bharatheeya Vidyanikethan, Kerala to initiate Vidyabharati educational activities in Kerala. Unlike other states of our country, Kerala is well known for its abundance of educational institutions. Even in this abundance the Bharatheeya Vidyanikethan schools are largely accepted in Kerala because of their qualitative characteristics.


Schools in Kerala


Teachers and Staffs



Salient Features of Vidyabharati [Bharatheeya Vidyanikethan] Education System

The nineteenth century American poet R.W. Emerson says, “The true test of civilization is not the census, not the size of cities, nor crops- but the kind of men the country turn out.” It is the character of the citizens that decides the destiny of a nation. As an awakened national organization Vidyabharati advocates character building, value based, man making education, It is a system that refines the innerself of the child with which the nation can be raised to supreme glory.
Human is an integral entity- a collective sum of body, mind, intellect, spirit and soul. Any attempt with fragmented focus will be an incomplete education. The basic default of the present day education is that it is mainly an intellectual attempt and it predominantly neglect the other aspects of a human being. Almost upskilling of a person’s inner force is possible only through an holistic approach.
The entire paedagogic activities of Vidyabharati is linked with five fundamental subjects – the panjanga subjects – namely Sareerik Sikohan, Yoga Sikohan, Music Sikohan, Sanskrit Sikohan and Naithic Adyathmic Sikohan. The academic subjects are taught and learned using these fundamentals as supporting tools. This methodology helps a Vidyabharati student to be a physically fit, mentally balanced, emotionally moral, intellectually sharp and spiritually pure human being.